At Amazeko, our goal has always been to bring desks to life for children and adults. But it all started rather surreptitiously when our co-founder, Katelyn, was in high school. At the time, her family's only computer was in her room. Of course, as any teenager would, she had her desk decorated exactly how she wanted with small knick-knacks and decorations splayed out amongst the actual supplies. 

Her dad needed to use the computer for a Summer work project, so over the next couple of days, he started clearing the desk to be more efficient. Naturally, this frustrated Katelyn, and the two had to find a way to compromise.  That's when Katelyn and her dad decided to team up to create functional desk supplies that were anything but boring.

Where We Are Now

The father-and-daughter-led team decided to focus on their fledgling business. Their expertise and skill sets came together to see Amazeko blossom online and in stores throughout North America.  As Katelyn says, "I love learning from my dad while teaching him a thing or two." 

We love hearing from our customers about how their coworkers can't get enough of the cute little monkey tape dispenser or how the scissors always make it back to the koala on kitchen counters.  

Whether you're in a cubicle, a corner office, or a classroom, Amazeko can add fun and whimsy to your desk!