Strawberry Sharpener with Ice Cream Lights and Music

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  • Comes to life with lights & sounds when you sharpen your pencil
  • ON/OFF Sound
  • Carbon Steel blade for long-lasting durability 
  • Battery operated for portability
  • Safety Shut off while emptying shavings 
  • Packaged in gift box
  • Perfect Back to School or Office Gift
  • For ages 5+

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Sure, ice cream trucks are fun, but so are ice cream truck-themed pencil sharpeners! Amazeko carries Electric Pencil Sharpener with Ice Cream Lights and Sounds. Your child can start looking forward to doing homework, something that goes hand-in-hand with sharpening pencils. These unique pencil sharpeners also include a safety shutoff feature that gets activated when emptying shavings.

These unique pencil sharpeners will bring a smile to your child’s face. Shop now for ice cream truck-themed pencil sharpeners.

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2.75 × 5.75 in
Age Range

5 & up


4(AA) – Included



Product Dimensions

6.5" x 3" x 2.25"

52 reviews for Strawberry Sharpener with Ice Cream Lights and Music

  1. Zac Griggs

    Omg this is adorable and makes the pencil super sharp. What a fun way to sharpen a pencil! Bright, fresh, clean and well made product. I might buy the fire truck too just because!

  2. Amazon Customer

    My kids love it! I ended up buying two so they would stop fighting over who gets to keep it in their room.

  3. J-Drizzle H-Hizzle

    Wow! A friend of mine had one of these in his office, and he told me he bought HIS because he noticed his son had one that his wife had gotten for back to school. I tried it there and was like, “OK, that’s cool.” It plays the ice cream truck song when you sharpen a pencil, and lights up! It’s a huge conversation piece in my office and (equally important) is super strong and sharpens pencils to a fine tip – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  4. JJ

    Very low quality. It doesn’t sharpen regular coloring pencils. The sound is way too loud and annoying.

  5. Anthony Aceveo

    OMG this sharpener is so CUTE!!!!! My daughter loves sharpening her pencil, gets excited to color and write!!! and it’s worth hearing the ice cream music for a few seconds which reminds me of getting excited when the truck would come by my neighborhood. and don’t be fooled by its looks, this thing sharpens like crazy!!! SO sharp! and love that it comes with batteries!! and it comes nicely packaged perfect for a gift!

  6. Angela B.

    I ordered this for my niece and she LOVES it. Its a great sharpener and looks awesome on her desk. The lights and sounds are cool and it makes coloring and drawing even more fun for her. Her BFF’s now want one too! (including myself for the office!)

  7. Eddie K.

    I bought this item as a gift for my youngest daughter (age 11), and she loves it. Unfortunately, so does her older sister (age 14), her mother, and myself! The music is addicting and hearkens you back a time when the ice cream truck made its way down residential streets.
    The pencil sharpener itself is made of high quality materials and sharpens pens quickly and consistently.
    A great gift for all ages!

  8. Lindy Lou

    My daughter got the ice cream sharpener for a birthday gift and loves it! She has sharpened every pencil in the house. For ME, I like that she is actually excited to write with a pencil and you can turn off the sound and still enjoy the lights. Almost forgot you get so distracted by how pretty it looks and sounds that it is a pencil sharpener. It sharpens better than our plug-in heavy duty one surprisingly but there you go.

  9. Betsy

    My kids loved this for Christmas. Looks like photo and small enough to take to school.

  10. Bridgette Clyne

    It was smaller than I expected and the sirens play for a loooooong time so it is disruptive to class. The back to empty the shavings is very hard to remove and after several times spilling pencil shavings everywhere emptying it, it became easier because it broke. Not practical for a classroom. It does a poor job sharpening pencils too.

  11. Andrea

    This thing is soooooo cute!
    I bought 3, one of each design. The pink icream one is for my girls and we absolutely love it. It does an amazing job at sharpening and the lights and sounds are super fun! I also like that there is a switch to turn the sound off when necessary. The only thing I found tricky was opening the shavings compartment to clean it out…but once I figured it out it is no biggie. You have to press the sides of the back of the truck simultaneously, you hear a click, then you pull the back off. Make sure you are over a trash can because I made a mess the first time.

    I bought the other two trucks (police & fire) as back to school gifts for my nephews. I checked them out first to make sure I liked them….and they are also awesome. Each with different siren sound effects!
    What an awesome gift these will be!

  12. Amazon Customer

    Really a terrific surprise. The idea intrigued me but when I received the ice cream truck pencil sharpen I was impressed. Very cute. Unique. I bought it for a gift. I believe it will be a huge hit…the music so great. Recommend this product.

  13. Tim Adams

    My kids (ages 2, 4, and 6) were thrilled to receive this product…the excitement came immediately when they saw the box. Great packaging! Told them exactly what it was and what it does! They went to sharpening every pencil in the house right away and danced with joy as it played music for them. Even after they sharpened ALL the pencils, they played with it serving as a true ice cream truck alongside their barbies and dolls! It’s great quality, sharpens with ease, and is fun sitting with their art/school supplies. I especially love the “mute for mom” feature so it can still function without the music. 🙂 I would highly recommend this product for a back to school gift, a fun yet functional Christmas/Birthday gift, or just for yourself for everyday! Very creative…

  14. Liz

    I bought this for the kids and they love it. It’s really well made, fun design and the music puts it over the top. I’m happy to recommend this to others.

  15. Fernando Velloso

    I’ve always wandered why there was no electric sharpeners that were cool looking for kids. After all, they need them more than adults! My daughter loves it, and it comes so well packed that is perfect for a gift. They have a police and a fire truck, but it was for my daughter, and the ice cream truck made me smile so I went for that one.

  16. L.L.

    This is the cutest pencil sharpener. It even plays the ice cream truck sound while sharpening (and yes you can turn that feature off) lol I bought this for a gift for my 7 year old daughter.

  17. Jenna Bullard

    My kids LOVE this!!!! It was their favorite gift at Christmas time last year!!

  18. Nicole

    Since my original review, Amazeko has reached out to me and sent me a new sharpener right away. The communication from Amazeko was Amazeing – and the new sharpener works as it should. I now have two ice cream truck pencil sharpeners (one that doesn’t work great and one that works amazing) and now have the beginnings of a fleet. I couldn’t be more impressed by this company and how they handled this issue. I highly recommend the sharpener.

  19. aneta

    Absolutely perfect ! Great, beautiful packing ! Comes with pencil and batteries, What a surprise ! Definitely recommend !!!!

  20. Thebestmomtomybabygirl

    This pencil sharpener is the best. My 5 loves it it lights up and sings songs while the pencil is sharpening. She does have a hard time keeping the pencil in place while its sharpening but she wants to sharpen every pencil in the house. Also it has a lifetime warranty u beat that

  21. cyn569

    so happy to find this item! My kids have so much fun 🙂
    It will be a great gift also ??

  22. Roble,H

    se gasta muy rapido las baterias

  23. Puja

    Nice gift for kids. There is an option to turn off the music when sharpening the pencil (which is a bonus). Holds a decent amount of pencil shavings. Great feature to add to a kids desk.

  24. Amazon Customer

    A sharpener AND a toy! Function and fun, what could be better?!?

  25. Jennifer

    sharpener does not work at all.

  26. Angela

    I gifted my 5yr old niece this sharpener and OMG she loves it!!! She is now much more excited to sharpen her pencils and do her work while home schooling. I was very impressed with the quality of the product, and the packaging has a nice presentation. Sharpens pencils perfectly!

  27. GSA

    Este producto no lo recomiendo su funsinamiento solamento duro 4 dias y ya no dio vueltas para sacar punta no lo recomiendo

  28. edward morris

    The music played about the first 3 times then it quit working.

  29. Nicole Martin

    Very cute. Nice packaging. Daughter has been enjoying.

  30. Steve Choi

    Product was very cute and worked well. Also their customer service was excellent!

  31. C. Miller

    It didn’t even last until school started. First the song stopped playing and then next time the pencil sharpener stopped working.

  32. Don

    It’s definitely a kissable gift. All pencils are sharpened regularly

  33. K Sri

    Its a beautiful pencil sharpener , my daughter loves it and is safe to use . it came with cute packaging and life time warranty .

  34. John Z

    This is a cute little pencil sharpener and my granddaughter absolutely loves it. It works great with sharpening of the pencils and the playing of the music.

  35. Joel Nino

    It is a very good gift idea to gift someone it lights up and plays classic ice cream music

  36. Lisa Hetherington

    I bought this April 2020. I was really happy with how it sharpened my pencils until it stopped working out of the blue. I paid $35 for it and expected it to last more than 10 months.

  37. Pedro

    This a convenient present for a special gift for a child.

  38. Dream Traveler

    My daughter likes it. But its quality is not good. It’s broken now. There’s no music

  39. Jennifer Whang

    My son loves it! Great for kids!

  40. J Jones

    Love this! Have this on my desk in my home office, perfect addition that adds a bit of fun to the room (bonus: my kids love using it when they get home from school to sharpen pencils from their pencil cases)

  41. Kristin N.

    This is my first product review ever. I just could not resist leaving a comment because this sharpener is such a great item and very giftable. Who knew sharpening your pencils could be fun? Lol highly recommended. Great fun, inexpensive gift idea for anyone with a kid or a teacher.

  42. JJ

    This is a really nice sharpener we gifted our daughter for her birthday. It can sharpen to somewhat sharp or really sharp point. The truck is super cute and can light up and makes an ice cream truck sound. The sound can be turned off as well.

  43. Christina

    Got this for my nephew and he loved it so much. Perfect gift for kids!

  44. KnwnAs34

    Cheap. Have to hold the battery compartment in by hand in order to make it work.

  45. Better than advertised!

    Awesome gift!! My kids love it!

  46. Lei

    Super cute gift for kids! Easy to use and motivates kids to use/sharpen their pencils.

  47. Henry H

    I bought this for my niece and she absolutely loves it. I would recommend and will be buying another one for my other niece.

  48. Nicole Kim

    Super cute and easy to use.
    Got this as a birthday gift for my little cousin, and he absolutely loves it!
    He’s sharpened nearly 30 pencils his first day lol

  49. g

    It was not able to sharp pencil in the first place. after a week it started making consistent noise when battery was in, seems sensors stopped working properly and behaved as if pencil is being sharpened while it was not. The only way to stop that noise was to take the battery out. It can not be used now as it makes loud noise as soon as batteries are put and it is not good at sharpening pencil anyway.GARBAGE.

  50. Kathyann

    Pencil sharpener is very cute, but it is dull. Save your money.

  51. karen bennett

    Placed the batteries in and screwed it closed, except it will not screw in where the lid goes flush to the bottom of sharpener. Can only sharpen if I hold the lid in. Not happy. I guess I am returning it.

  52. Fun and exciting sharpener

    What a fun sharpener! Makes the kids want to draw, color and actually do homework just so they can sharpen their pencils! The lights and sound make it truly amazing!!!!!

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